Egypt Demonstrations

Update 05 – July 17, 2013 / 1155 hrs (11:55am):

  • It is reported that operations have returned to normal

Update 04 – July 9, 2013 / 1219 hrs (12:19pm):

  • Due to threats of escalating and widespread violence, all spouses and children of expat Maersk employees have been sent out of the country
  • Operations are ongoing but there could be some road restrictions as the situation is volatile

Port Said Terminal Update:

  • Normal operations ongoing
  • Berth line up remains crowded but most servs finding berth on arrival

Port Said Vessel Update:

  • Maersk Kleven (AE12WB) operated one day late due to late arrival caused  by weather impact
    • Proforma:  07/1700 – 08/1000
    • Revised:  08/1700 – 09/1000
  • Tucapel (AE3EB) slowed down due to crowded berth on Monday
    • Proforma:  08/1000 – 10/0100
    • Revised:  09/1000 – 11/0100
  • Faust (AE20WB) is three (3) days late from FEA but is expected to berth on arrival
    • Proforma:  08/1800 – 09/1000
    • Revised:  11/1800 – 12/1000


 Update 03 – July 8, 2013 / 0630 hrs (06:30am):

  • Due to clashes which occurred today, July 8, in front of the Republican Guard in Cairo, Maersk Line has decided to close the Cairo office
  • Alexandria and Port Said offices are working normally
  • All staff are safe, and safety remains our priority
  • Maersk Line will continue to accept bookings to/from Egypt as usual

Operational update for Port Said SCCT and Alexandria AICT:

  • Security around the terminals has been strengthened by army and navy presence
  • Transportation to and from the terminal:  Normal
  • Navigational:  Normal
  • Quay:  Normal Operations
  • Gate:  Normal Operations
  • Trucking:  Operating normally except in the districts that have demonstrations

 Update 02 – July 4, 2013 / 0650 hrs (06:50am):

  • The Egyptian army ousted Egypt’s president Morsi yesterday, July 3, 2013
  • The Chief Justice, Adli Mansour, will oversee an interim period with a technocratic government until presidential and parliamentary elections take place
  • Since the announcement, situation has been stable
  • As of today, all Egypt offices are open as usual
  • SCCT Port Said and Alexandria terminals are operating normally

Update 01 – July 3, 2013 / 0501 hrs (05:01am):

Yesterday, 02 July 2013, mass demonstrations took place across Egypt, the majority of which are opposing the government and Muslim Brotherhood and calling for early presidential elections.  Unfortunately some violence broke out – 16 people have lost their lives.

  • ML offices will again close at 1400 hrs (02:00pm) CPH time
  • The majority of commercial entities are expected to close by 1400 hrs (02:00pm) as well
  • All parties – supporters and opposition – have called for further demonstrations across the country
  • Security around the terminals has been strengthened by army and navy presence
  • The following operations remain Normal:
    • Transportation to and from the terminal
    • Quay
    • Gate
  • Trucking has not been officially seized, however for safety ML has seen a clear tendency from customers and truckers to avoid cargo moving on the road this week
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