Newark Port Congestion

Update 11 – September 18, 2013 / 1003 hrs (10:03pm):

  • Labor shortage will likely continue until September 23

Update 10 – September 02, 2013 / 0739 hrs (07:39am):

  • Labor shortage will likely continue through September 16

Update 09 – August 27, 2013 / 0828 hrs (08:28am):

  • Labor shortage will likely continue through Labor Day, September 2

Update 08 – August 5, 2013 / 1642 hrs (04:42pm):

APMT Terminal Operations:

  • APMT terminal worked through the weekend, to expedite the cargo from the delayed MECL service, which has prevented further congestion
  • Gate operations appear to be running fluidly, and no significant back-ups have been seen so far

Maher Terminal Operations:

PNCT Terminal Operations:

  • Operations are running well, however Maersk Line volumes are currently light

Vessel Operations:

  • The Maersk Denver (MECL1 Service) arrived late and worked late Friday which contributed to the volume decrease over the week prior
  • All other vessel operations appear normal at this time

Truck Operations:

  • Truck capacity has improved over last week however there is much improvement still necessary
  • Truckers are now more willing to accept freight due to reduced pier congestion
  • This is a postive trend of improvement


  • Equipment levels are normal

Rail Operations:

  • Operations are back on track and operating normally with no red flags

Update 07 – July 30, 2013 / 1534 hrs (03:34pm):

Terminal Operations:

The overall picture at the terminals of Port of Newar is slowly improving.  A few significant challenges remain.  The lack of available labor, which is expected to carry on for the balance of the summer, has been reported as a major cause of congestion at the port overall.  It is vacation season for the longshoremen and checkers.  Labor availability is expected to improve during August and return to normal levels post Labor Day.  APMT, Maher and PNCT have all advised of labor shortages to differing degrees.


  • Chassis or trucker shortages not an issue
  • However, truck power is tight in and around the port and believe this is due to truckers being tied up in lines at the terminals
  • Light gate traffic with short queues at the gate
  • Their new system, Navis, is expected to be fully up and running by Labor Day


  • The only cause of congestion at the port overall is a result of the current labor shortage
  • Chassis or trucker shortages not an issue
  • Gate is clogged all day as they literally saw 100 deep lines at their gate at 0600 hrs (06:00am) waiting to get in


  • Overall truck power issue at the port
  • The challenges with labor availability has caused operations to move at a slower rate and as a result operations have slowed
  • Chassis availability is low due ot an overall increase in volumes at the port and as a result of congestion caused by lack of available labor
  • Traffic is heavy around their gate in the afternoon due to a surge of traffic at these times
  • Overall traffic flow at the port is heavy
  • Overall their lightest gate hours are 0900-1100 hrs (09:00 – 11:00am) and APMT encourages all shippers to have their truckers take advantage of these hours
  • Their heaviest gate hours are 0600-0800 hrs (06:00 – 08:00am) and 1330-closing (01:30pm – closing)
  • Given the current challenges, any trucker sitting in cue at teh 1630 hr (04:30pm) close will still be processed as they are extending operating time and absorbing the cost of doing so to ensure all truckers are processed

Truck Operations:

  • Truckers are playing catch up and are behind on both delivery/pick-up
  • Truck power is anticipated to improve over the course of the next week
  • Currently there is limited truck power


  • Equipment levels are normal

Rail Operations:

  • We will no longer use the South Kearny CSX rail ramp as an option for routing import cargo due to insufficient truck power
  • APMT’s ability to dray import cargo to Millenium Rail has improved
  • Cargo that has already discharged and is scheduled to move via South Kearny will continue to do so
  • Rail operations overall have dramatically improved
  • As of July 30, there are only 8 units dwelling over 7 days at the Millenium Rail ramp

Update 06 – July 23, 2013 / 1054 hrs (10:54am):

Terminal Operations:

  • Maher experienced a system outage at the main terminal this morning which resulted in main gate closure
  • The system has been restored and operations are back on track
  • APMT continues continues to work through the backlog of containers adding dray labor on weekends and at nights to continue moving the rail cargo between Millenium and APMT
  • Gate hours and free-time policy continue as normal
  • Steady labor availability is low this time of year due to vacation season for ILA longshoremen


  • Motor carriers could potentially experience limited chassis availability at APMT B-88 (Port Elizabeth, NJ) this week

Truck Operations:

  • Available truck power continues to be a challenge as a result of the congestion at the port, vacation season, and as a result of the new legislation that limits the hours a trucker can be on the road (this legislation went into effect July 1, 2013)

Rail Operations:

  • Millenium Rail has moved all of the export boxes from the rail yard to final terminal for loading
  • Progress is being made, albeit slowly

Update 05 – July 19, 2013 / 1216 hrs (12:16pm):

Terminal Operations:

  • It is reported that APMT is experiencing major challenges as a result of the added volume received from diverted vessels from Maher
  • As a result, truckers are experiencing extended wait times
  • It is reported that Maher is closer to business as usual, with steady progress being made


  • Chassis availability is low
  • DCLI is actively working on a repositioning plan to move chassis in from surrounding areas

Truck Operations:

  • Congestion is slowing down truck operations at all Newark terminals
  • APMT gates are reported to be heavily congested

Rail Operations:

  • As a result of the challenges facing truck operations, there is a shortage of truck power to move cargo from APMT to the South Kearny CSX rail ramp
  • Depending on available truck power we are either routing cargo over South Kearny or to Millenium Rail
  • Due to vacation and time off the ILA labor is in short supply; as a result we have limited ILA drivers for the dray between APMT and Millenium
  • APMT is working this weekend to resolve outstanding issues facing the rail drays from APMT to Millenium

Update 04 – July 16, 2013 / 2242 hrs (10:42pm):


  • Chassis availability has improved

Rail Operations:

  • APMT is actively moving all export cargo booked for vessels departing APMT from Millenium Rail for sorting loading

Update 03 – July 15, 2013 / 1628 hrs (04:28pm):


Terminal Operations:

  • Maher is reporting that gate operations are returning to normal and are now turning attention to the Millenium Rail ramp
  • They are estimating that operations should see significant improvement by week’s end


  • Chassis supply is slightly lower than normal today, Monday, July 15
  • We are encouraging truckers to complete street turns to avoid going on terminal

Rail Operations:

  • Millenium Rail has advised that Sunday productivity was low due to the fact taht rail import cargo is scattered throughout the main terminal instead of segregated into rail stacks and cargo continues to be delivered to Millenium from other terminals for delivery
  • As a result, volume of dwelling cargo has gone up over the weekend
  • The contingency operations diverting inland rail cargo for Chicago, Buffalo and Montreal to the South Kearny CSX rail ramp start today, Monday, July 15

Update 02 – July 11, 2013 / 1734 hrs (05:34pm):

  • APMT has advised that the current backlog of rail cargo is actively being reduced and return to normal operation is expected in the coming week
  • PNCT is still facing issues with truck power and as a result they will divert Maersk Line Canadian cargo to on dock rail delivery vs. moving over to the Millenium Rail ramp
  • Millenium Rail continues to experience challenges with the Navis system and are running transactions manually

Update 01 – July 10, 2013 / 2215 hrs (08:15pm):

There is ongoing congestion issues in Newark, NJ.  The following provides a complete overview of the situation:


  • Maher Terminal has moved from an in-house solution to an off the shelf solution built by Navis
  • Based on all initial tests completed by Maher leading up to the full implementation it was expected to be a non-event, however a server meltdown prevented them from running gates or working vessels as normal
  • As a result, over fifteen (15+) vessels have been diverted from Maher to APMT, PNCT, NYCT, and Global
  • Additionally, the implementation of the Navis system also impacts Millenium Rail as it is owned by Maher (Millenium ramp is used by Maersk Line almost exclusively for all rail cargo)
  • Cargo is still moving out of the Millenium Rail ramp, albeit extremely slow as all transactions are being done manually
  • All of this has resulted in congestion, and increased traffic across the entire port; it is expected to continue until the issues with the new system at Maher have been stabilized
  • It is expected that carriers will continue to divert vessels to the other terminals over the short term

Vessel Contingencies:

  • The TA5 Service’s APL Shanghai (Voyage 134W) will be diverting from Maher to NYCT arriving Sunday
  • The TA5 Service’s Rudolf Schepers (Voyage 006E) was also diverted to NYCT arriving yesterday and has already sailed

Rail Contingencies:

  • The movement of Maersk Line rail cargo has been affected by the challenges facing Millenium Rail
  • All cargo currently sitting at Millenium Rail for delivery, further delays are expected as they work through the backlog of cargo
  • For those vessels that start discharging cargo tomorrow (July 11), we will deliver cargo bound for Chicago, Buffalo, and Montreal to the South Kearny CSX rail ramp for delivery
  • It is expected that these trains will most likely start moving by Monday
  • All other cargo will continue to move via Millenium Rail as there is not volume to support the traffic to the CSX ramp in South Kearny

Truck Operations:

  • Business as usual

Chassis Operations:

  • Business as usual
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