Port Situation at Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal

Update 10 – November 19, 2013 / 1505 hrs (03:05pm):

There are congestion issues at Nhava Sheva.  The main road leading to the port is congested with trailers waiting to be gated in.  The line is close to 15 kilometers (9.4 miles) long to get into the terminal.  This is impacting all terminals at Nhava Sheva. 

GTI Update:

  • The go-slow which started October 21 bears no improvement in vessel performance and hence they are handling merely 50% of the agreed moves
  • The FM3 Service’s CMA CGM Debussy is expected to arrive at JHT on November 23 in the morning
  • The Gate for exports has not yet opened at GTI

Update 09 – October 30, 2013 / 0858 hrs (08:58am):

  • The strike at NSICT has been called off and gates will open 1500 hrs (03:00pm) IndiaTime
  • All efforts will be focused on cleaning imports to India as the yard is full and anything we can book of exports for MECL1’s Maersk Denver
  • Exact berthing of Maersk Denver (proforma 31/0800) will be agreed this morning only when NSICT knows the exact status of the workforce and yard capacity
  • The gate will be opened for imports to India first, so the intake of export boxes from India is still unknown

Update 08 – October 29, 2013 / 0909 hrs (09:09am):

  • The meeting between the Union members and political leaders was held yesterday, October 28, to discuss the issues to resolve the strike at NSICT
  • Union loeaders put forward new demands such as more relieving staff on cranes, however DP World refused
  • The meeting ended without agreement
  • Strike continues by the Union members at NSICT
  • MECL1’s Maersk Denver is expected to arrive at Jawaharlal Nehru on October 31 in the morning
  • Maersk Dauphin sailed today at 1000 hrs (10:00am)
  • The go-slow by the transporters at Gateway Terminal India are still going on and no improvements yet to the situation; due to this, GTI has reduced the moves on window vessels

Update 07 – October 28, 2013 / 1111 hrs (11:11am):

  • Both parties have not come to an agreement from their meeting today, and the strike continues at NSICT
  • We expect further meetings this week between the Union and DP World Terminal
  • MECL’s Maersk Denver is expected to arr at Jawaharlal Nehru on October 31 in the morning
  • The Maersk Dauphin is expected to berth today at 1700 at Hazira and ETD will be on October 29 at 0700 hrs (07:00am)

Update 06 – October 22, 2013 / 1050 hrs (10:50am):

  • Maersk Chicago (MECL1 Service) is still planned for berthing 24/am in NSICT; it is not possible for it to berth in GTI
  • Presently NSICT is down to one crane in operation and meeting with the CEO of DP World is planned for late afternoon
  • GTI is partly on slow-down due to trucker issues, and delay in berthing is seen, but so far no strike as in NSICT

Update 05 – October 21, 2013 / 1107 hrs (11:07am):

  • Operations are still very slow at NSICT and yesterday they have not handled a single train for export or import movements
  • The gates are open at NSICT, however the transporters are not willing to deploy trailers
  • Most of the ICD containers were offloaded at GTI and JNPCT and NSICT is not in a position to shift these containers into their yard; hence, all these containers are rolled over from the vessels
  • MECL1 service’s Maersk Atlanta sailed from NSICT October 20 at 0030 hrs (12:30am)

Update 04 – October 21, 2013 / 0739 hrs (07:39am):

  • The “go slow” at NSICT has been impacting terminal operations for the past week
  • The operation is still very slow at NSICT and the situation has not yet improved
  • Terminal productivity is still a challenge and affecting the movement of containers in and out of the terminal, including the MECL1 service
  • Terminal has stopped accepting exports since early this morning and vessel-side operations have been impacted
  • To ensure our customers are not inconvenienced in any way, we have initiated the following contingency plan:
    • MECL1 Service (Vessel:  Maersk Atlanta voyage 1306):  Maersk Atlanta berthed at NSICT terminal and discharged all import containers successfully
    • Maersk Atlanta load moves productivity was impacted negatively due to slowdown operationsand as a part of contingency all Exports shutout containers will be planned on our next week’s sailing of the Maersk Chicago voyage 1308

Update 03 – October 18, 2013 / 1046 hrs (10:46am):

  • NSICT have opened gates for import/export movements today, however movement is slow
  • Maersk Atlanta (MECL1 Service) will have delayed departure from Nhava Sheva due to slow operations; expect vessel to depart October 19 in the AM hours

Update 02 – October 17, 2013 / 0900 hrs (09:00am):

  • Last night, NSICT gated out vehicles with import boxes, which were stranded inside the terminal
  • NSICT is now planning to open the gate for import movements, however the union members are threatening the transporters and CFS operators against the movements fo EXIM boxes
  • The gates are closed for export movements
  • All NSICT workers are waiting outside the gate and presently the cranes are operated by employees from the other DP World Terminals
  • There is no indication from NSICT in regard to gate opening for export containers
  • The MECL1 Service’s Maersk Atlanta berthed today at 1024 hrs (10:24am)
  • The ME3 Service’s Cathrine Rickmers sailed today at 1145 hrs (11:45am)

Update 01 – October 16, 2013 / 1006 hrs (10:06am):

  • There is a “go slow” by workers at Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal (NSICT) where MECL1 and ME1 services call
  • Talks between terminal operator DP World and the workers union are underway regarding their unsettled demands
  • All operations were stoppedat NSICT on October 15 at 1600 hrs (04:00pm)
  • Thereafter, NSICT management have arranged the crane operators from other terminals of DP World
  • Presently, all quay cranes are operating at NSICT as well as some RTGCs
  • However, the gate operations are at a standstill and due to this we are not in a position to move imports from the terminal
  • Our vessel Buxcontact sailed from NSICT on October 15 at 1915 hrs (07:15pm) and we have handled 135 imports and 512 exports
  • We were forced to roll 99 export containers
  • The ICD Train movements are not yet affected at NSICT
  • The MECL1 Service’s Maersk Atlanta is expected to arrive at Nhava Sheva (JHT) on October 17 at 0600 hrs (06:00am); vessel is expected to berth on arrival at NSICT, with doc cutoff today at 1800 hrs (06:00pm)
  • The ME3 Service’s Cathrine Rickmers is expected to arrive at Nhava Sheva (JHT) on October 16 at 1900 hrs (07:00pm); vessel is expected to berth on arrival at GTI
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