Weather Effects

Update 11 – February 25, 2014 / 1623 hrs (04:23pm):


  • APMT Newark terminal is still experiencing heavy delays on the rail operations, however they are actively working with MMR to reduce the rail cargo and will continue to work overtime to clear it


  • Maersk Idaho (MECL2 Service) will arrive Houston at 1900 hrs (07:00pm); delay is due to the fog, however vessel is currently scheduled on time into Algeciras


  • Due to local festivities associated with Mardi Gras, CSX terminals in New Orleans and Mobile will be closed on Tuesday, March 4 and will reopen on Wednesday, March 5 with regular hours
  • The Chicago gateway is improving but still described as “sluggish” by CSX Network Operations; they are slowly getting back to normal operations as the weather conditions improve
  • With improving weather conditions across the network, BNSF is seeing subsequent improvements at the rail and hub operations, which is allowing progress in clearing the cargo congestion
  • The CN is continuing to focus on clearing congestion at the Chicago and Toronto terminals, however delays may still occur; operations at both Chicago and Toronto terminals have additonal staff on hand to continue to flow freight through the terminals


  • Truck power and capacity continues to be tight in areas like Newark and the South Atlantic as they are still recovering from the winter storms over the last few weeks
  • The South Atlantic is expected to be caught up in the next few days, however the Newark area could take a few more weeks before recovery is achieved

Update 11 – February 20, 2014 / 0950 hrs (09:50am):

  • The Houston channel, which was closed due to dense fog, has re-opened
  • The Maersk Ohio (TA2 Service) was expected to arrive at 1900 hrs (07:00pm) and should begin operations at midnight tonight; she will depart 4 days late from Houston and arrive 1 week late into Rotterdam
  • The Maersk Drummond (MECL2 Service) was scheduled to arrive at 1900 hrs (07:00pm) tonight; as soon as we have confirmation of arrival and operations details, we will provide an update 

Update 10 – February 19, 2014 / 1459 hrs (02:59pm):

  • Newark terminal is still behind on rail drays due to the reduced labor on Monday.  According to APMT management, they worked unitl 0500 hrs (05:00am) this morning to assist with clearing the backlog.  They have 45 drivers today and are focused on imports and work throughout tonight.  They have stated they will continue to work rail dray operations on overtime to attempt to clear the congestion and prevent further backlogs, working the aged/dwelling boxes.  We continue to work with APMT with regard to prioritizing customers’ requirements.
  • Houston continues to have delays due to the ship channel being closed to all vessel traffic.  We do not have an ETA on reopening.  The channel did open briefly yesterday afternoon to early evening to outbound traffic only.  This is causing a significant backlog, as there are approximately 60 inbound vessels waiting to come to Houston.
  • Maersk Ohio (TA2 Service) is currently rescheduled in Houston tonight at 1900 hrs (07:00pm) operations, assuming the channel reopens.
  • Maersk Carolina (TA2 Service):  Newark ETA improved and vessel will be working tomorrow, February 20 at 1300 hrs (01:00pm).
  • APM Terminals in Newark continues to be congested.  Chassis stocks are still extremely low which will have an impact on turn times.  Turn times are currently 2+ hours for imports.  We are providing this infor to the motor carriers to expedite deliveries.  Capacity is extremely tight in the Newark market as carriers are days behind due to the congestion at the piers and the weather.

Update 09 – February 13, 2014 / 1601 hrs (04:01pm):

  • All Newark terminals for gate and rail operations are closed today, February 14
  • All Newark terminals will be operational on President’s Day, Monday, February 17
  • APM Terminals Port Elizabeth (Newark) wi9ll be open with extended hours between 0600 – 1700 hrs (06:00am – 05:00pm), with refrigerated container hours until 1630 hrs (04:30pm)

Update 09 – February 13, 2014 / 1601 hrs (04:01pm):

There have been many terminal/depot closures and vessel delays as a result of the snowstorm that has struck the US East Coast.  We expect to see more delays and congestion within the northeast terminals over the next few days as they dig out of the storm.


  • All Newark terminals are closed today, February 13, for all operations and will be closed tomorrow, February 14 for gate/rail operations
  • At APMT Newark, vessel operations will resume at 1900 hrs (07:00pm), with rail operations working Saturday and Sunday to help alleviate the terminal congestion
  • All terminals in Philadelphia are closed today
  • Ports America Chesapeake Seagirt and Dundalk Marine Terminal Operations will be open tomorrow for normal operating hours and Seagirt will not have a gate on Saturday


  • Maersk Pittsburgh (MECL westbound):  ETA February 14 at 05:00 local time for cargo ops starting 07:00 local time
  • Maersk Columbus (MECL eastbound):  ETA February 14 at 06:00 local time for cargo ops starting February 15 at 10:00 local time as cranes/labor complete Maersk Drummond vessel
  • Maersk Drummond (MECL2):  delayed ETA February 14 at 05:00 local time for cargo ops starting 07:00 local time
  • Maersk Iowa (TA2):  vessel has shifted anchorage in Houston to complete engine repairs.  Estimated finish by midnight tonight, February 13.  Vessel will now be 59 hours delayed departing Houston.  Revised schedule for Mobile, Miami, and Norfolk to be advised.  Currently reducing move counts in North America ports and omitting Felixstowe to assist in schedule recovery.
  • Maersk Danang (MECL2):  further delayed 24 hours in Houston due to the Maersk Iowa situation above as there was no other berth available for vessel until the Maersk Iowa departs.  ETD February 14 1900 hrs.


  • Issues continue in Cleveland due to the storms that have affected the area
  • Newark port operations closed today due to inclement weather; all outbound trains are annulled
  • Chicago terminal has moved a lot of ground traffic and is closer to being caught up on left-behind units


  • Terminal closures in the Northeast will result in many previously scheduled pick-up and delivery appointments being rescheduled
  • Delays can be expected Friday as well due to the backlog that will result from today’s closures



Update 08 – February 6, 2014 / 1853 hrs (06:53pm):

We have seen an improvement in the South Atlantic and Gulf ports with majority of operations having returned to normal.  The Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston and Norfolk terminals are back to normal operations.

Weather hit both the Midwest and Northeast this week, however massive storms predicted for this weekend seem to be downgraded to an inch or two at most.  The weather early in the week has created additional delays on top of preexisting congestion.



Congestion and delays are still rampant throughout the port.  This is not specific to one terminal operator.  Efforts are being made across the board to help alleviate the issue.  A Port Performance Task Force has been created by the NY/NJ Port Authority to attack mission critical issues, including terminal optimization, drayage operations, intermodal equipment and express rail.  The members, representatives from 40 companies and organizations across 10 industry sectors, are meeting to discuss and communicate solutions for the ocean carriers, truckers and rail providers.  A specific area of focus for this group is to look at truck flows in and around the terminal.  An ongoing issue truckers face at the port is that congestion at one terminal’s gates leaks out onto the main port roadway, making it near impossible to get to the other terminals.  This has recently been seen on APMT gate cam as traffic at APMT has been light in the morning.

Maher Terminal was periodically closing their gates this morning to alleviate the pressure of long lines.  Gates are now open.  As outlined above, these closures caused extremely heavy traffic on the main port roadway.  This heavy traffic was blocking access to APMT.  As of 1600 hrs (04:00pm), the Port Authority has closed the roads leading into the terminals to help alleviate the traffic, however this will cause a number of our customers to miss their port cut-off since APMT will not have extended gate hours.  Customer Service is handling customer inquiries on this.


The APM rail team will be working this weekend draying containers between MMR and the terminal.  While there will not be any trains running during this time, it will help free up spots and rows on the terminal to ease congestion.


All depots are open but operating at slower capacity.  Truck power continues to be stressed.  Our Midwest Inland Delivery team is working tirelessly on adding more truck carriers.  Rail operations continue to improve but are not at normal levels.

Update 07 – February 5, 2014 / 0904 hrs (09:04am):

Due to the ice storm that hit the northeast last evening and into this morning, all of the Newark, NJ terminals (APM/Maher/PNCT) will have a delayed opening of 1000 hrs (10:00am) today

Update 06 – February 4, 2014 / 0604 hrs (06:04am):

The ongoing weather conditions across the country continue to impact operations.  These impacts are being felt industry-wide as ocean carriers, terminal operators, rail providers and truckers are all suffering from the effects.  As a result, we are seeing daily, and sometimes hourly, changed to vessel arrival/departures and gate schedules.  This is compounding a shortage of equipment and chassis preexisting from the effects of CNY.  The weather outlook is less than positive as storms and potentially icy weather are predicted for both the Midwest and Northeast over the next few days, with some reports indicating storms that could bring 1-2 feet of snow.

These storms will add operational delays with ripple effects into the Southeast/Gulf regions due to truck and rail delays.

Specific details broken out by geographical region are as follows:


  • Terminal/Depot:  All terminals in Newark and Philadelphia are open and running normal operations today.  The turn times will be delayed at Newark due to yesterday’s closure.  Currently there are no plans for extended gate hours at the northeast ports, however free-time is extended one day in Newark due to yesterday’s closure.  Another storm predicted for tonight could add more delays to the northeast ports tomorrow.
  • Vessels:  All vessel operations are operating at normal levels.
  • Truck/Rail:  Trucks will be delayed in and out of the Newark area and have reported a 5 hour delay at the Newark gates.  Rail operations are not experiencing delays at this time.
  • Equipment:  Chassis supply in Newark has improved, however, Philadelphia chassis issues continue due to congestion delays.


  • Terminal:  Charleston and Savannah ports are open and fully operational today.
  • Vessels:  Maersk Memphis (MECL1 Service) departure affected by the Charleston closure; Maersk Montana (TA2 Service) affected by the Savannah closure.
  • Truck/Rail:  Truck and rail operations are improving and returning to normal conditions.


  • Terminal:  Houston was closed due to fog at 1100 hrs (11:00am) but will reopen tomorrow morning.  Gates continue to be congested due to weather and volume from the vessels in port.
  • Vessels:  Vessels were not impacted by the closures in Mobile or Houston from last week.
  • Truck/Rail:  The truck and rail operations have been recovering from the back to back storms last week affecting Houston and Mobile.  There has been some congestion and rescheduling of appointments due to the backlog of deliveries and pick-ups but the operations are returning to normal.

West Coast:

  • Terminal:  Congestion issues from origin ports are creating delays resulting in above average turn times in Oakland are contributing to backlogs of up to 3 days.  PAOC will be open again this Saturday, February 8, for all transcations to help alleviate the backlog.
  • Vessels:  No current vessel delays.
  • Truck/Rail:  Reduced trucker availability and long turn times at Oakland terminals are causing delays of 2-3 days to move contianers.  No impact to rail operations.


  • Truck/Rail:  Delays for truck and rail are primarily in Chicago, Cincinnati and Ohio.  CN is limiting the number of reservations at the Harvey ramp.  With the storm affecting the area today, more delays are expected.
  • Equipment:  Chassis availability is short in Cleveland, Detroit and Cincinnati.

Update 05 – February 3, 2014 / 1011 hrs (10:11am):

  • Due to the significant snow storm hitting the northeast, all Newark, NJ terminals (APM/Maher/PNCT) are closed today, February 3, 2014
  • Free-time at APM Terminals will be extended by one day due to the closure
  • Currently, Philadelphia remains open

Update 04 – January 30, 2014 / 1002 hrs (10:02am):


  • Open for normal business hours


  • The terminal will be open today at 1100 hrs (11:00am)


  • The terminals will be open today at 1300 hrs (01:00pm)


  • The terminal opened today at 0800 hrs (08:00am)

Update 03 – January 29, 2014 / 1016 hrs (10:16am):


  • All Port of Virginia terminals in Hampton Roads (NIT, APMT, PMT, NNMT and the empty yards in Norfolk and Portsmouth) are closed to all traffic on Wednesday, January 29
  • The passage of winter storm Leon left up to a foot of snow in much of the Hampton Roads region
  • Temperatures on Wednesday, January 29, will not rise above freezing
  • Port staff will work diligently to prepare state-controlled marine terminals to return to operational readiness
  • The Port of Richmond and the Virginia Inland Port in Front Royal are unaffected, but the closure of their sister facilities in Hampton Roads impacts their ability to dispatch and receive freight, other than local deliveries
  • The updated operating plan calls for NIT, APMT, PMT and NNMT to open at 0800 hrs (08:00am) on Thursday, January 30
  • Empty yards in Norfolk and Portsmouth will open at 1300 hrs (01:00pm) on Thursday, January 30
  • If any modifications to this plan are required, a public announcement will be made by 1500 hrs (03:00pm) on Wednesday, January 29

Update 02 – January 28, 2014 / 1600 hrs (04:00pm):

Below is an update on all Southern port closures due to the ice storm:


  • The terminal has closed for today, January 28, 2014
  • They are currently scheduled to re-open tomorrow, January 29 at 0700 hrs (07:00am) and will remain open for normal business hours


  • The terminal has closed for today, January 28
  • Currently they are scheduled to re-open tomorrow, January 29 at 1300 hrs (01:00pm)


  • The Ocean Terminal has closed for today, January 28
  • Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal Container gates will be closed all day tomorrow, Wednesday, January 29
  • All terminal gate and field activity will resume on Thursday, January 30, at 0600 hrs (06:00am)


  • Closing today, Tuesday, January 28, at 1700 hrs (05:00pm)
  • They will re-open tomorrow, Wednesday, January 29 at 1300 hrs (01:00pm)

Update 01 – January 28, 2014 / 0854 hrs (08:54am):

Due to significant ice storm impacting the South, we have been made aware of the following port closures:


  • Closed today, January 28, 2014
  • They plan to reopen tomorrow, January 29 at 1300 hrs (01:00pm) and will remain open until 2200 hrs (10:00pm)


  • The terminal will close at 1200 hrs (noon) today, January 28, 2014
  • They will re-open tomorrow, January 29 at 1300 hrs (01:00pm)


  • As of this time, they do not have plans to close


  • As of this time, they do not have plans to close
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