Maersk Drummond (MECL2 Service) Delay

Update 03 – February 21, 2014 / 1411 hrs (02:11pm):

  • The Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1403) is severely delayed due to berth congestion in Port Said, bad weather crossing the Atlantic, Newark port closure due to winter storm, and Houston port closure due to fog
  • Vessel will omit Miami to assist wiht schedule recovery
  • Import cargo will remain onboard and discharge in Algeciras, to connect to the Maersk Wisconsin (Voyage 1404) for Miami delivery
  • New ETA in Miami is March 29 (32 days delayed)
  • Export cargo will rolol to the next vessel – the Maersk Idaho (Voyage 1403) – which is a delay of 7 days

Update 02 – February 14, 2014 / 1135 hrs (11:35am):

  • Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1403) has been delayed due to congestion at previous ports, as well as inclement weather in Newark
  • Houston port cut-off has been extended from February 14 to February 18

Update 01 – February 5, 2014 / 2339 hrs (11:39pm):

Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1403) is delayed arriving North America due to severe berth congestion in Port Said.  As a result, port cut-offs have been revised.  Though vessel will be delayed arriving Houston, port cut-off will remain the same as Monday, February 17 for the holiday.  Miami port cut-off is unaffected and remains February 21.

Port Old Port Cut-Off New Port Cut-Off
Newark Feb 10 Feb 12
Savannah Feb 13 Feb 14
Houston Feb 14 Feb 14
Miami Feb 21 Feb 21


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