Port Said Disruptions

Update 03– June 9, 2014 / 1551 hrs (03:51pm):

  • The Maersk Danang (Voyage 1406) will omit Port Said and call Piraeus
  • Port Said exports will be delayed one week and load the next MECL2 westbound sailing (Maersk Damietta voyage 1410)

Update 02– May 27, 2014 / 1458 hrs (02:58pm):

The MSC Firenze (MECL2 Service) will be affected on her berthing in Port Said due to congestion, however schedule is expected to recover on her way to North America.

Update 01– May 22, 2014 / 1850 hrs (06:50pm):

Maersk Line has sustained significant disruption to our network through Port Said during 2014.  Additionally, there is now a heightened risk of further deterioration owing to ongoing negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Currently, the duration of that volatility is unknown with visibility on the labor availability being known only prior to commencement of the following shift.

The situation in Port Said remains fluid and productivity remains low.  In order to maintain network stability and maintain our ability to operate in the short and medium term, the following contingencies have been taken:

  • The Maersk Virginia (Voyage 1406) US to Middle East (MECL2) Service will omit Port Said, proceeding directly to Malta
  • Port Said import/discharge cargo will be discharged in Malta
  • Cargo to North America will be partially loaded on TP7 NS National (Savannah); and the remaining destinations will be rolled to the next MECL2 westbound vessel (MSC Firenze, voyage 1406)
  • Relay (Algeciras) will be partialy moved to the next ME2 westbound and MECL2 westbound movement
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