MECL Service Update

Update 05– September 9, 2014 / 1453 hrs (2:53pm):

Please note the following revised port cut-offs:

Port Revised ERD Revised Cut-Off
Charleston THU week prior WED 1630 hrs
Savannah FRI week prior THU 1630 hrs
Norfolk MON FRI 1630 hrs
Newark EB MON week prior FRI 1630 hrs


Update 04– September 8, 2014 / 1433 hrs (2:33pm):

Please see revised MECL2 service maps below.




























Update 03– September 4, 2014 / 1057 hrs (10:57am):

We have improved our westbound MECL1 proforma:

  • We now have a much improved Monday early morning window in Newark
  • We have two days advanced NAM rotation
  • Algeciras westbound window has been advanced
  • Ideal berthing windows in Newark and Jawaharlal Nehru
  • The first vessel on the new proforma will be the Maersk Memphis, arriving in Newark window on September 15, 2014
  • Vessel has already sailed Jawaharlal Nehru/Pipavav

MECL2 service Newark arrival will be 18 hours later due to the change in MECL1 berthing windows.

  • The first vessel sailing on this new proforma will be the Maersk Idaho (voyage 1408), arriving in its new Newark window on September 17, 2014 



























Update 02– August 7, 2014 / 1323 hrs (01:23pm):

There has been a revision to our earlier announcement regarding the MECL1 proforma change.  We will continue to call Norfolk on its current proforma (Wednesday arrival/departure), and subsequently the Newark Easbound call will be on Friday.  General transit time impact is that imports to Norfolk will increase by one day (from the previous communication), and exports from Newark will improve by one day.



























Update 01– July 14, 2014 / 1728 hrs (05:28pm):

To more closely align with your supply chain needs, Maersk Line has adjusted the MECL1 service schedule to improve our berthing windows.  Our Nhava Sheva departure window will now be on Mondays, and the Newark arrival window will be on Wednesdays.

This change is effective with the westbound Maersk Detroit voyage 1410 which departs Jebel Ali on August 14th.  The first eastbound vessel with the improved windows is the Maersk Detroit voyage 1411, calling Charleston on September 6.

Further, we have added a 9th vessel to the rotation to accommodate the improved windows and provide increasted schedule reliability.  This advancement supports our ongoing environmental initiatives and will reduce your shipment’s carbon footprint.

As a result of the additional vessel and berthing changes, export shipments from the U.S. East Coast on the MECL1 service will arrive at destination 4 days later than today’s schedule.  Import shipments to the U.S.  and Canada will arrive 3 days later.

Please note that it takes some time to phase into a new proforma.  Since the vessels will need to start phasing into the new Westbound windows earlier, we will have an 8 week period (starting this week) where vessels departing NAM Eastbound on the old schedule will arrive in Jebel Ali 3 days later as per the new proforma.  The voyages of the Maersk Detroit 1409 to Maersk Chicago 1411 will be impacted.

The week 32 departure from Nhava Sheva, scheduled for August 8, will move to week 33 with an August 11 departure, per the new proforma.


Here are the updated maps:





























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