Update on Network Changes in West Africa

Due to the outbreak of Ebola in some countries in West Africa, ships calling the region have been facing increasing health and safety measures over the past couple of weeks.  The main objective of these measures is to prevent the spread of the virus.

In order to adhere to the stricter measures put in place Maersk Line has reviewed the coverage of the region. Please find an overview of the network changes at the end of this update. The changes are effective from week 36 (1-7 September). All revised network maps are available on www.maerskline.com.

We have been able to carry out the changes with only smaller impact on transit times, however, it will enable Maersk Line to provide a continued effective and reliable port coverage, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with local and international health measures.  It is important to stress that the situation is very dynamic and we will therefore continue to closely monitor developments.

Maersk Line remains fully committed to serve our customers in the West Africa region.  Maersk Line’s continued commitment to provide an effective and reliable coverage of West Africa is not only to the benefit of our customers. It will also assist to reduce a potential negative impact on the affected economies, as well as assist in supporting local and international relief efforts.

Should you have additional questions regarding Ebola and the impact on Maersk Line please contact your local sales representative.

Maersk Line overview of changes to our network coverage via Algeciras and Tangier:

WAF1. NEW rotation:
Tangier/Algeciras/Abidjan/Onne/San Pedro/Tangier
WAF2. NEW rotation:
WAF3.  No changes:
WAF5. No changes:
Algeciras/Vigo/Leixoes/Lisbon/Algeciras/Luanda/Walvis Bay/Conakry/Algeciras
WAF5+. No changes:
WAF6: NEW rotation:
WAF7: NEW service. Rotation:
WAF8: No changes:
WAF9: NEW rotation:
WAF10: No changes 
Algeciras/Tangier/Pointe Noire/Libreville/Malabo*/Bata*/Abidjan/Algeciras
WAF13: NEW rotation:
Matadi feeder: No changes
Pointe Noire/Matadi/Pointe Noire
Cabinda feeder: No changes
Pointe Noire/Cabinda/Pointe Noire
Nouadhibou feeder: NEW service. Rotation:
  * Called alternate weeks only** All changes are effective from week 36 2014 (1-7 September)


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