Cease of Acceptance at Port of Oslo, Norway

Effective immediately we will no longer call the port of Oslo and will call Drammen Port (NODRM) in its place.  Productivity issues in Oslo stemming from the merger of two terminals have caused numerous delays that we can no longer accept.  Drammen port is located just 30 minutes from Oslo and has been deemed an acceptable alternate.  All cargo booked to Port of Oslo from April 1st will be re-routed to Port of Drammen until further notice. The location name for B/L is: Drammen (Oslo) and the terminal name: Drammen Terminal.

MEPC is now updated and pricing for Drammen is to be equalized with that of Oslo.  Contract owners will be contacted separately about making the necessary contract updates.

The service change is also posted here for internal communication.

Updated feeder map is available at http://www.maerskline.com/nb-no/shipping-services/routenet/feeder-network/europe/l34-oslo-fjord-service-loop-3

A client advisory will follow shortly.



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