Introducing New US Flag Trans-Atlantic Service (TA2) – Correction

Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) is pleased to announce the new Trans-Atlantic (TA2) service, an exciting US Flag service that offers fast and reliable transits between the US East Coast and Europe.  Maersk Line’s investment in these upgrades means that now 3 out of 4 vessels in this service are US Flag. This new offering enhances our commitment to the US Flag market bringing the total number of US Flag vessels sailing between the US East and US Gulf Coasts to/from Europe up to 8 vessels.

The new TA2 service provides customers with several key benefits:

  • Direct service linking Norfolk, Baltimore and Newark to Bremerhaven, Felixstowe, Antwerp and Le Havre
  • Added US Flag departure from Norfolk to Europe to enhance the current TA1 US Flag service
  • Competitive transits across the Atlantic in a number of corridors



Port Depart Arrive Transit Time
Baltimore, MD, USA WED THU 1
Norfolk, VA, USA THU FRI 3
Newark, NJ, USA SAT SAT 4
Bremerhaven, Germany TUE TUE 12
Felixstowe, UK WED WED 13
Antwerp, Belgium FRI FRI 15
Le Havre, France SUN SUN 17



Port Depart Arrive Transit Time
Bremerhaven, Germany WED WED
Felixstowe, UK THU THU 1
Antwerp, Belgium SAT SAT 3
Le Havre, France SUN SUN 4
Newark, NJ, USA MON TUE 12
Baltimore, MD, USA WED THU 14
Norfolk, VA, USA THU THU 15


The new TA2 sailing begins with Maersk Idaho in Europe on November 24, 2015, Maersk Ohio on December 15, 2015 and Maersk Iowa on January 3, 2016.


Updated schedules will be posted in our Sailing Schedules section.

Thank you for your business and for relying on Maersk Line to continuously service your global transportation requirements.  Should you have any specific questions regarding this service change please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.


Your promise. Delivered.

Maersk Line, Limited

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