ML Advisory 2016 – 35: Eid Al Adha (EID) Holiday Impact

Be Advised: Eid Al Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice, the second of two major religious festivals celebrated by Muslims, will tentatively begin on 11 Sep 2016 and end on 13 Sep 2016. The actual dates may vary in each country depending on the region.


Pakistan (PAK GLOC): Eid Holidays will be observed in Pakistan for 3-4 days as declared by Government of Pakistan, depending on moon sighting. During this holiday: Customs; National Logistic Cell (NLC); Borders and all Port Operations will be closed for 3 days. Historically truck drivers usually leave for their hometown or villages to celebrate Eid 10 days prior and with an anticipated return 7 days post Eid.

During these days, import cargo will remain at port. Dispatches of import cargo from port to Afghanistan will resume beginning 7 days after the holiday. Truck availability will remain short a week prior to Eid and the week after Eid. Normal operations will resume on or about 21 Sep 16. Cargo at the port will be cleared for dispatched from the port no earlier than
9 Sep 16 after receiving TAP from NLC.

Afghanistan: Government offices in Afghanistan will close 2 days prior to Eid and will remain closed for 10 days to include the border crossing points, with limited to no cargo movement. Documentation/Customs teams will remain active until 7 Sep 16 and close during Eid and re-open after Eid.

Ground movement is anticipated to be affected from 8 Sep 16 and will resume by 18 Sep 16. During this time, there will be no intra-Afghanistan trucking so there will be delays on cargo dispatch. Truck placement at bases will stop 5 days prior to Eid. Dispatches from Afghanistan to Pakistan will stop from South (Chaman) 10 days prior to Eid. Dispatches from Kabul to Kandahar (APPF dependent highway) and Spin Boldak will also stop 3-5 days prior to Eid (and vice versa). Any cargo arriving from Pakistan during holidays will be staged at Carrier Holding Yard (CHY) facilities. There will be no Afghanistan Public Protection Force (APPF) escorts tentatively from 12-14 Sep 16.

Import cargo already en-route will be stored at a secured holding yard. Multimodal cargo that is flown into Afghanistan will be held at the airfield until trucking resumes. Cargo will be flown into Afghanistan on schedule and will not be staged in the UAE.

Export cargo will also be held at the FOB until trucking resumes. Cargo already en-route will be stored at a secured holding yard. Multimodal cargo at airbases will be flown to and dispatched as scheduled taking into account Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)/Criminal Investigation Department (CID)/Dubai Port Security (DPS) being closed and subject to MOD being approved.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): UAE Customs and Port Operations will be closed for 4 hours for prayers on the first day of Eid and will be fully operational at all other times (working on overtime/rotation basis) but EHS & UAE Ministry of Defense (MOD) will be closed during the holidays. MOD will stop receiving MOD requests for approval. This will have a negative impact on both C-17 and commercial flights arriving to Al Maktoum International Airport.

With regards to the air portion, there will be no potential impact on the operations during the Eid Holiday. General Dubai World Center (DWC) Airport operations could be slowed to include delay in obtaining EHS Inspection and MOD processing due to low manpower in observance of the holidays. UAE Government sector normally gets a 10-day holiday including the weekends. Only the custom documentations/MOD applications will be effected during this period.

Jordan: Port operations will stop on the first day of Eid and resume normally the next day. Import and export cargo can be staged or loaded directly on trucks en-route to the inland points during Eid except for the first day of Eid as stated above. General Headquarters (GHQ) Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) and International Affairs will be closed during Eid. No Customs Memos will be processed.

Inland transportation will not be affected; they will only stop for breakfast. For Wash Rack Ops – washing would be at 0730 till 1500, and resume at 2100 until 0600 next day. Commercial Seaport will start at 0600 until 1500 and resume at 2100 until 0500 the next day. No delays at the airport except for the breakfast time. These timings apply for all operations (loading, discharging, washing, loading/unloading the trucks, etc.).

Oman: Customs department will be closed from 8–14 Sep 16. Vessel and cargo movement will carry on as usual.

Kuwait: Port will be closed for 1-2 days with no delivery nor receipt of cargo. Vessel operations will be normal. Customs will be closed as per Ministry’s declaration.

Customs related formalities for new shipments will be on hold until customs re-open after Eid. No delays/issues in dispatching import cargo as long as there is an approved AK-302 and no customs issues or sudden closure of port due to security reasons. Carriers shall submit Bill of Lading (B/L) to US Government (USG) at least 72 hours prior to vessel arrival to prevent delays in processing AK-302.

Containers in transit will be held at the closest port/yard/safe place during Eid holiday.

Iraq: Port operations will stop on the first day of Eid and resume normally the next day with skeleton staff and expected delays in operations. Customs and State Agency will be closed during the holiday. Normal operations and customs office will resume work on 16 Sep 16.

Vessel movement will carry on as usual. Delivery might be possible for cleared cargo depending on availability of trucks.

Bahrain: Terminal/Port Operations will have normal working hours however the customs service might be intermittent and other related services/ documents can be delayed.

Qatar: Port and Customs office will be closed the first day of Eid and will be fully operational at all other times (working on Overtime).

Saudi Arabia: Local government agencies including customs will be closed. Trucking will continue on a very slow phase provided the clearance has been completed prior to the holiday. Otherwise, trucking will commence after the holiday but still on a very slow phase for a week or two.

Egypt: During Eid, vessel movement will continue. Customs office will be closed. Export cargo arriving at the port during the holiday can be gated in. Terminals will take 1-2 days off.

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