Attention Military Household Goods Customers – New Booking Codes

As a customer of Maersk that moves US Military Household Goods, we understand that time is one of your most valuable assets. In our commitment to continually enhance your customer experience, Maersk has made improvements that will give you more flexibility to create and manage bookings by leveraging our new online booking platform.

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Starting on January 15, 2017 you will now be able to book US Military Household Goods online, 24 hours a day 7 days a week – no more emails or phone calls to have a booking created. In addition to saving you time creating and managing shipments, you will receive faster booking confirmations and, by saving templates, can quickly submit bookings for your high volume corridors with the proper level of detail every time.

Along with saving you time and giving you more flexibility to create and manage bookings online we have also created a specific set of HS codes that will now be used to clearly identify US Government cargo at the time of booking. These new HS codes will simplify the booking process and provide Maersk and our customers’ better transparency concerning US Government cargo while also ensuring better alignment with Cargo Preference rules and regulations.

Starting January 15, 2017 all US Military Household Goods shipments must be booked with the following HS code:


HS Code HS Code Description
999991 US Flag – US Military Household Goods


Failure to provide this information accurately at the time of booking will result in a commercial non-US Flag shipment which moves under standard commercial terms and conditions. Additionally, a US Flag bill of Lading will only be created for the HS codes mentioned in the table above.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact  or your local Maersk sale representative.  Any booking or rating questions should be addressed to:



Maersk Line, Limited

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