Tropical Storm Isaac Update

Isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm yesterday and is now moving over northern Louisiana.

Please see below updates:

Mobile:  Open for business.  No major damage to report.

New Orleans:  Remains closed today.


Please see below updates for Mobile and New Orleans.  All rail providers have positioned personnel in the area to inspect and repair damages as flooding subsides.  Delays should be anticipated not only throughout the flooded areas, but at origin and switching locations such as Chicago, Atlanta and Jacksonville due to congestion, car and power imbalances.


As Tropical Storm Isaac moves through the Gulf region, CSX Transportation (CSXT) continues to inspect its network and phase in operations as conditions allow.

New Orleans Terminal:  The New Orleans terminal will open at 1100 EST and will resume normal gate operations at this time.  Free time has been extended until September 5.

Mobile Terminal:  The Mobile terminal is currently open and has resumed normal gate operations.  Free time has been extended until September 5.

The following modifications to service are still in effect:

Jacksonville to New Orleans:  Service has been discontinued from Jacksonville, FL, to New Orleans, LA, until further notice.  Additionally, all terminals have discontinued traffic that is routed through Jacksonville, FL, destined for Mobile, AL, or New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans to Jacksonville and Atlanta:  Eastbound traffic scheduled to interchange at New Orleans, LA, destined for Jacksonville, FL, or Atlanta, GA, will be routed through Memphis, TN, instead, adding at least 48 hours to the transit time.

Atlanta to the West Coast:  All traffic originating in Atlanta, GA, moving westbound to interchange with the Union Pacific, will be routed through Memphis, TN, adding at least 48 hours to the transit time.


The Gulf Coast continues to experience heavy rains and severe weather as Tropical Storm Isaac slowly moves northward over central Louisiana.  Tornado watches and flash flood warnings are in effect within the Lower Mississippi River Valley where we operate over the McComb, Beaumont, Hammond, Bogalusa and Baton Rouge subdivisions.

Engineering personnel are currently conducting inspections of all trackage south of Jackson, MS, for downed trees and power lines.

Due to the flooding of interstate highway 51 and 55 to the north of New Orleans, access to the mainline is restricted on the southern portion of the McComb subdivision as well as near Laplace, LA, on the Baton Rouge subdivision (highway I-10).

There is still water above the level of the rail between the stations Manchac and Skip, LA, on the McComb subdivision.  It has been confirmed that a 100 ft long bridge located at MP 889.8 of McComb, LA, south of Frenier, LA, has been severely damaged.  A thorough inspection of the other bridges in the area will be undertaken as soon as conditions permit.

The water levels in the Mobile yard have dropped overnight.

Sporadic power outages are currently affecting the Hammond yard and may be expected within the entire region.


The BNSF New Orleans Intermodal Facility will remain closed until Friday, August 31.  The exact reopen time is not available at this point, but will be supplied as we learn more about the post storm conditions.

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