PakGLOC Customs

Pakistan Customs has released the latest iteration of Customs General Order (CGO) 10 which is used for clearing Military cargo and dispatching cargo from the port.  This process will be applicable for all new bookings arriving at Port Qasim, Pakistan.  In addition to revised requirements, Maersk will be unable to begin the clearance process prior to cargo arrival.

  • Day 01-02:  Receipt of documents from carrier, verification of documents, preparation of customs letters and Goods Declaration (GD) forms by the expeditors
  • Day 03-04:  Submission of letters, processing of GD’s and taking scanning permission from customs officials at port by the expeditors
  • Day 05-10:  Return of the GD’s to the carrier who completes scanning and weighing formalities with customs at port
  • Day 11-12:  Completion of GD’s after receipt of scanning reports at port and return of out of charged GD’s to the carrier by the expeditors

After the above steps are completed, Maersk can move the cargo from port and conduct further scanning and weighing.  Application for the new Transit Authorization Permit (TAP) will also occur.

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