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Working Hours During Eid Al-Fiter at Aqaba Container Terminal

Aqaba Container Terminal will work 24/7 and without interruption during the Eid holiday, except for the first day of Eid during which operations will stop at 03:00am and resume at 11:00am. Read More...

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UPDATE: Impending strike at Aqaba June 11, 2015 – No Strike

ACT (Aqaba Container Terminal) has confirmed that there is no strike at the terminal. They have advised that there is still congestion at the port since last week and customers are unable to register their containers and many containers are still gated-out.


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Impending strike at Aqaba on June 11, 2015

Please be advised that there is a potential strike at Aqaba, Jordan this Thursday, June 11th. Please note that the strike is not confirmed.

Origin has confirmed that there is currently congestion at the port and operations have slowed down.

We will keep you posted of any developments.

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Aqaba Strike Continues For Second Day

Strike continues for 2nd day –

The striking employees are still not ready to accept the new 08 Hours shift system. Terminal stand still for 2nd day.

Vessel status

  • AHZ fdr/ Nysted Maersk  –Arrived 01/0700 , Still not berthed due to ongoing strike and stoppage of operations in the terminal.
  • ME1/Maersk Kiel – ETA 03/1300. If no change in status as on 03rd Dec/ Morning will take final call , with vessel OMITTING  Aqaba and sail directly to Jeddah.
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Update: Aqaba Terminal Strike Over, Normal Operations Resumed

The Terminal is now back to normal and vessels are berthing on window.  The Terminal is operating with 4 cranes.

*       ME1/Maersk Klaipeda berthed on arrival 22/1400 ETD 23/1400

*       MECL2 – Maersk Danang – ETA AHZ – 25/1300. We expect to berth on arrival as of thsi point.

We will continue to keep you updated.


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Some Improvement at Aqaba Terminal

The strike situation at Aqaba is improving slowly. The Terminal has achieved 300 yard moves  and 302 vessel moves on 19th October with limited staff and Army involvement.  The labor issue has reached the Court and they expect a decision soon on this issue.  This morning, more staff reported to work in the terminal and began work with 4 cranes on the vessels which are alongside the dock.

Service Updates

  • AHZ Feeder – Nysted Maersk – Berthed 13/0747 – All the discharge is now complete and loading is in progress.
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Update on Strike at Aqaba Port, Jordan

There has been no change in the Aqaba situation and the terminal is standstill. The terminal management informed us that no official notice was provided by the Labours for the strike.  A case has been submitted to the labour court.  The strike is expected to continue another 36-48 hours.

Service Update

  • AHZ (Aqaba) Feeder – Nysted Maersk – Berthed 13/0747 – Currently alongside with 520 imports onboard. The vessel will have to wait to discharge the cargo before we can sail the vessel.
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Terminal Strike in Aqaba, Jordan

There is currently a labor strike at the terminal in Aqaba, Jordan, with all port operations currently suspended.  Due to this strike, the Maersk Karachi is omitting this port. Read More...

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Aqaba Container Terminal Strike

Update 05– July 18, 2014 / 1202 hrs (12:02pm):

  • The Maersk Wisconsin will omit Aqaba this weekend
  • The Coast Guard will not allow the vessel to sail without confirmation that the generator is fixed; vessel is currently in Jeddah and repair time is unknown
  • Calling Aqaba late is not an option due to the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) queue which would further delay the service rotation since there is a lengthy berthing queue
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Aqaba Port Omissions: Maersk Idaho and Maersk Utah

  • We would like to inform you of two upcoming vessel omissions on the MECL2 service
  • During Week 05, the Maersk Idaho (Voyage 1402) will omit her Aqaba call on February 1, 2014
  • During Week 07, the Maersk Utah (Voyage 1404) will omit her Aqaba call on February 15, 2014
  • The omissions come due to the scheduled dry-docking of these vessels
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