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Ban on Hazardous Cargo IMO Class 4.1

Following a serious incident onboard a Maersk Line operated vessel involving IMDG class 4.1 UN3226 cargo, the following 4.1 class 4.1 UN numbers with similar properties, have been banned from acceptance globally as of August 30, 2013: Read More...

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Beef Byproduct Ban – U.S. to Indonesia

Further to the news from May 9 (temporary ban on U.S. beef to Saudi Arabia), we have received news that due to the outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in California, the Indonesian government has restricted the import of beef related animal product from the U.S.  There is no indication when the government will lift the ban.  The products affected are meat bone meal, offal meats, bone in meat and gelatin. Read More...

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Temporary Ban on U.S. Beef

A temporary ban has been imposed on importation of beef products (refrigerated, frozen, and canned) from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia based on a report from the World Organization for Animal Health, in which Mad Cow disease has been found in the state of California.

The committee has therefore issued a decree dated May 9, 2012 that imposes a temporary ban on imporatation of beef products and supplies. Read More...

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