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Port of Doula, Cameroon: Port Congestion

For your situation awareness, there is once again severe port congestion at the Port of Doula, Cameroon.  We are currently experiencing delays of up to 30 days before vessels are able to birth.  The delays are caused by breakdown of gantry number two, repairs have been ongoing since 27 February 2015.

As we have no cargo booked into the Port of Doula right now there is no impact on US Military cargo.


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UPDATE – Congestion at the Port of Douala, Cameroon

Wait time at the Port of Douala has slightly improved.  The average waiting time in week 45 was 16 days for vessels >200m long.  The average port stay was 3 days.  However, the situation is variable so we will continue post updates regularly. Read More...

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Extreme Congestion at Port of Douala in Cameroon

There is still extreme congestion at the Port of Douala.  The average waiting time for vessels waiting outside the port berthing is an average of 17 days but can be up to 25 days.  Congestion has been further impacted by the implementation of the Government Imposed Travel Restriction. Read More...

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Central African Republic

Update 3 – April 12, 2013 / 0638 hrs (06:38am):

  • Though traffic restarted on April 8, 2013, the trucks that left were released on the condition they be escorted from the border of Cameroon/Central African Republic to Bangui by the army
  • Because this is a consignee arranged special service, arranged with the army, if the consignee does not arrange the special service the haulage can still be arranged but at the consignee’s full risk
  • The consignee would need to sign a letter to agree to take the full responsibility of this risk
  • Bookings are still accepted and the customs offices have re-opened but are not fully operational
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