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Jebel Ali: Moving to the NEW Terminal AEJALT2 effective from 21st JAN 2015

This update is to inform you that we will be changing the terminal in Jebel Ali. Currently all Maersk Line vessels are calling Jebel Ali Terminal 1 (AEJALTM) but effective from 21st JAN 2015, all Maersk vessels will be moved to Jebel Ali Terminal 2 (AEJALT2). Also all foreign feeders which are carrying Maersk Line cargo will start calling Jebel Ali terminal 2.

Both the terminals are operated by DP World.

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Middle East Container Line 2 Possible Delay

The Maersk Wisconsin, MECL 2, is scheduled to have minor repairs while in port at Jebel Ali.  Minor delays are expected.


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Maersk Drummond Phase Out

  • The Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1403) will phase out of the MECL2 Service for dry-docking after Jebel Ali
  • All cargo for Colombo, Aqaba, Salalah and Jeddah will discharge there and connect to the Maersk Damietta (Voyage 1407) for oncarrige
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Dry-Dock Plan MECL2 Service – Maersk Kentucky, Maersk Idaho, and Maersk Wisconsin

Update 03– December 2, 2013 / 1541 hrs (03:41pm):

Maersk Kentucky Dry-Dock:

  • Maersk Kentucky (voyage 1313) will be going for dry-dock when she is in Jebel Ali on approximately December 04, 2013
  • All onboard cargo which will be discharged in Jebel Ali and connect with the extra loader, the nonflag Sea Land Eagle
  • The Sea Land Eagle will perform the Jebel Ali – Colombo – Salalah rotation on the MECL2 Service


Maersk Utah:

  • After her Djibouti call on December 14, 2013, the Maersk Utah (Voyage 1317) will omit Jebel Ali and Colombo and proceed directly to Salalah to take over the position of the Maersk Kentucky fom Salalah onwards
  • We do not have a US flag vessel to take the volumes back to Jebel Ali; therefore, please book all P1 volumes in SEU/NAM for the next US flag call
  • Imports for Jebel Ali (including Port Qasim and Colombo volumes) will be loaded onto the 28D Masiika Express Service for further connection to MECL1/MECL2 or respective services
  • Maersk Utah will connect all exports coming on the Sea Land Eagle from Colombo and any previous ports, if applicable
  • For the ports of India/Bangladesh, please load all exports on Sea Land Eagle for Salalah to connect with the Maersk Utah
  • The Maersk Utah will omit Aqaba due to conflicting berth windows
  • Maersk Utah’s original position in Jebel Ali on December 18, 2013 will be taken by the nonflag vessel MSC Firenze


Maersk Idaho Dry-Dock:

  • Vessel will proceed for dry-dock after her Jebel Ali call on January 1, 2014
  • Maersk Danang (nonflag) will take position from Jebel Ali onwards
  • Maersk Idaho, back from dry-dock, will phase in on the MECL2 Service at Salalah on January 26, 2014, replacing the nonflag Maersk Dhahran
  • The US flagged Maersk Idaho will connect cargo from Maersk Dhahran, except for cargo going/coming in from OFAC violation countries
  • Maersk Idaho will omit the Aqaba call due to conflicting berth windows
  • Maersk Dhahran will idle for a week in Salalah and take the original position of the US flagged Maersk Wisconsin from Salalah onwards; please note that this vessel in nonflag which means it will not be able to load P1 volumes


Maersk Wisconsin Dry-Dock:

  • Maersk Wisconsin will arrive Jebel Ali on January 22, 2014, and will then proceed to dry-dock after discharge
  • All onboard cargo will be discharged in Jebel Ali and connect with the extra loader (nonflag), which is to be announced
  • The extra loader will perform Jebel Ali – Colombo – Salalah rotation on the MECL2 Service
  • Maersk Dhahran will take position of Maersk Wisconsin from Salalah onwards as mentioned under the Maersk Idaho dry-docking above


SL Champion Phase-Out Plan:

  • SL Champion will phase out in Salalah on February 12, 2014
  • Maersk Utah will omit Jebel Ali / Colombo and then she will proceed towards Salalah to take the position of the SL Champion
  • Maersk Utah will connect all cargo from SL Champion
  • Imports from the Maersk Utah for Jebel Ali (including Port Qasim and Colombo volumes) will load on 28D Masiika Express Service for further connection to MECL1/MECL2 or other respective services
  • Please note there is no US flag connection to Jebel Ali; therefore, please do not load P1 volumes on this vessel
  • Maersk Wisconsin will phase in at Jebel Ali to take the Maersk Utah’s position on February 12, 2014
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Maersk Iowa – Djibouti Contingency Plan

  • The Maersk Iowa will be arriving three (3) days late into WCA due to berth congestion in Port Said, Egypt
  • To recover schedule, vessel will omit Djibouti and sail directly to Jebel Ali
  • All Djibouti boxes will be discharged in Jebel Ali and will load on the nonflag Jervis Bay (voyage 1304) from Jebel Ali for Djibouti discharge
  • All exports to load on the next MECL2 Service sailing of the Maersk Denpasar (voyage 1303)
  • Waiver changing status from P1 to P2 has been approved by SDDC, so no issues with loading containers from Jebel Ali to Djibouti on earliest non-flag feeder
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