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UPDATE – Pacific West Coast Slowdown

As an update to the ongoing labor negotiations:

  • The two sides remain at the table and intend to continue bargaining the balance of today and throughout tomorrow (Saturday)
  • The ILWU did not issue a public statement in response to the PMA release yesterday
  • Labor was again released for second shift yesterday in Seattle/Tacoma
  • Labor was ordered in Seattle/Tacoma for first shift, they did not show – rather sending a letter to the PMA advising they would remain at the hall for a meeting from 8-10 AM Pacific.
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Ports Along Pacific Coast Experiencing Significant Slowdowns

Pacific Coast dockworkers negotiating a new labor agreement have expanded a work slowdown from the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  These ports are experiencing significant productivity issues.  We will keep you updated as the negotiations continue.


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Service Delivery Issues Continue in Los Angeles Basin

Service delivery challenges continue and the root causes of this are cascading their impact further. Based on inbound volumes for next week, it is expected that terminal congestion will increase. This could result in the eventual further delay in vessel arrivals and potentially limit the ability to return empties and export loads into the terminal. The congestion at terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach is no longer isolated to specific terminals and has expanded port wide.

Further complicating the situation is the implementation of strict adherence to 10-point roadability inspections for all loads draying out of terminals. Read More...

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BNSF Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Transition

Update 02 – January 9, 2014 / 1220 hrs (12:20pm):

In an effort to make significant improvements to their rail services, BNSF has been transitioning from their Argentine Intermodal facility in Kansas City, KS, to Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Intermodal Facility in Edgerton, Kansas.

All international traffic originating from and destined to Southern California on-dock marine terminals, as well as international and domestic traffic moving to and from Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ, has completed the transition.

In Phase 3, which is outlined below, BNSF will transition Chicago, Texas and Seattle/Tacoma traffic, beginning January 20, 2014. Read More...

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OCU Contract Ratification

Update 44 – April 18, 2013 / 1031 hrs (10:31am):

  • USMX has ratified the new contract yesterday
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Rail Cutoff – Houston to Los Angeles/Long Beach

Please be advised that the Maersk rail cutoff for the BNSF outbound train from Barbours Cut (Houston, Texas)  to Long Beach and Los Angeles, California is being advanced to address congestion at the rail ramp and the terminal.  Please see below for new cutoffs:

  • For dry containers, the rail cutoff will be moved from Friday at 12:00 pm to Thursday at 5:00 pm
  • For refrigerated containers, the rail cutoff will be moved from Thursday at 12:00 pm to Wednesday at 5:00 pm

This cutoff change will be effective as of September 5, 2012. Read More...

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