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Norfolk and Newark Port Cut-Off Change: Maersk Atlanta

The Maersk Atlanta (voyage 1411) is delayed through NAM due to holiday closure in Salalah, as well as berth congestion in Algeciras.  Port cut-offs for Norfolk and Newark have been affected as follows:

Port New ERD New Port Cut-Off
Norfolk Aug 14 Aug 20 @ 1630 hrs
Newark Aug 18 Aug 22 @ 1630 hrs


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Maersk Atlanta (MECL1 Service) Delay

Update 03 – January 22, 2014 / 1530 hrs (03:30pm):

  • Initially, vessel Maersk Atlanta was delayed into North America due to bad weather, and after departure from Newark (westbound), she hd encountered an engine breakdown which forced her to return to North America for emergency repairs
  • Vessel is expected to finish her repairs on January 24, which means she will arrive almost 12 days late into WCA

Below is the schedule recovery plan for Maersk Atlanta:

  • After Suez (eastbound), Maersk Atlanta will turn around at Salalah
  • Maersk Atlanta (Voyage 1404) will skip Jebel Ali – Port Qasim – Pipavav – Jawaharlal Nehru rotation
  • Vessel Nedlloyd Barentsz (Voyage 1402) will phase into the MECL1 service as an extraloader in Jebel Ali to take Maersk Atlanta’s position (on proforma), and will call Jebel Ali – Port Qasim – Pipavav – Jawaharlal Nehru – Salalah
  • All MECL1 exports will be loaded on Nedlloyd Barentsz (Voyage 1402) for Salalah discharge and then will connect to the Maersk Atlanta (Voyage 1404) in Salalah, with no impact on transit time
  • All onboard WCA imports from Maersk Atlanta (Voyage 1403) will get discharged in Salalah and then will connect to AE7/ME2 service for Jebel Ali discharge, which will cause a delay of one or two weeks
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Vessel Delay: Maersk Atlanta (Voyage 1403)

Update 03 – January 13, 2014 / 1102 hrs (11:02am):

  • Vessel previously delayed due to bad weather in Atlantic
  • Further delayed due to bad weather in Newark that shut down the port for 24 hours
  • Additional further delay of vessel in Newark eastbound due to necessary vessel repairs
  • Arrival into Newark expected to be 4 days behind schedule
  • Arrival into Algeciras expected to be 48 hours behind schedule
  • Recovery plans are under review and will be announced as soon as possible
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Maersk Atlanta (MECL Service) Omit Port Qasim

  • Maersk Atlanta (MECL Service) encountered an engine issue after cargo operations at Jebel Ali
  • She had to further extend her port stay to complete the repairs which delayed her sailing by 36 hours
  • To recover schedule we will be omitting Port Qasim and sail directly to Pipavav as no later berth is available from Port Qasim, and further we cannot make it to the Nhava Sheva window
  • Contingency plan to move cargo is under review
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Port Situation at Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal

Update 10 – November 19, 2013 / 1505 hrs (03:05pm):

There are congestion issues at Nhava Sheva.  The main road leading to the port is congested with trailers waiting to be gated in.  The line is close to 15 kilometers (9.4 miles) long to get into the terminal.  This is impacting all terminals at Nhava Sheva.  Read More...

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Maersk Atlanta (MECL Service) Arriving Newark and Savannah One Day Late / Newark Closure Veterans Day (Monday, November 11)

Update 03 – November 12, 2013 / 1030 hrs (10:30am):

Maersk Atlanta will be arriving Savannah 24 hours late, due to the late sailing from Algeciras and the engine problems in transit.  Vessel will be back on proforma in Algeciras. Read More...

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