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Maersk Kure Newark Cut-off Extended

Vehicle cut off for the Maersk Kure (MECL) at Newark is being extended 24 hrs to 2/4 due to terminal weather closures and systems issues. Read More...

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Maersk Columbus Delayed – Port Cut-off Changes

The Maersk Columbus (MECL1) is 3 days delayed due to weather en route to North America. Receiving windows for Charleston, Savannah, Norfolk and Newark have been adjusted accordingly. Read More...

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Maersk Denver Port Cut-Off Changes

Maersk Denver (MECL1) was delayed in Newark due to required engine repairs.  Below is a listing of revised cutoffs for Charleston and Savannah; cutoffs for Norfolk and Newark are not affected.

Charleston – changing from 1/14 to 1/15

Savannah – changing from 1/15 to 1/16

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Maersk Memphis Port Cut-Off Changes

Maersk Memphis (MECL1) was delayed arrival to Algeciras due to inclement weather.  Below is a listing of the revised cutoffs for Charleston, Savannah, Norfolk and Newark.
Charleston- ERD 1/19 – cut 1/23
Savannah- ERD 1/19 – cut 1/23
Norfolk- ERD 1/20 – cut 1/26
Newark- ERD 1/21 – cut 1/27

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Maersk Chicago Newark Port Omission

The Maersk Chicago, MECL1, will omit the second (outbound) Newark call due to holiday schedule.  Impacted bookings are being rolled to the next vessel/voyage on Maersk Kensington. Read More...

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Aqaba Strike Continues For Second Day

Strike continues for 2nd day –

The striking employees are still not ready to accept the new 08 Hours shift system. Terminal stand still for 2nd day.

Vessel status

  • AHZ fdr/ Nysted Maersk  –Arrived 01/0700 , Still not berthed due to ongoing strike and stoppage of operations in the terminal.
  • ME1/Maersk Kiel – ETA 03/1300. If no change in status as on 03rd Dec/ Morning will take final call , with vessel OMITTING  Aqaba and sail directly to Jeddah.
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Maersk Pittsburgh Delayed In Algeciras

Maersk Pittsburgh, a MEC1 vessel, was delayed while in port at Algeciras and expects to be off service by 9 hours.  The vessel is still expected to arrive in Newark on time. Read More...

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Port Cut Off Change – Maersk Denver

Maersk Denver, MECL1  is delayed en route to North America due to bad weather.  Cut offs have been changed to:

Charleston – Port cut 11/13

Savannah – Port cut 11/14

Norfolk – No change

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Maersk Columbus Delay

Due to berth congestion in Newark, the Maersk Columbus (voyage 1411) will call one day late.  The receiving window remains unchanged, with ERD on September 22 and cargo cut-off on September 26.  Limited late gates will be available contingent upon terminal’s acceptance. Read More...

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MECL Service Update

Update 05– September 9, 2014 / 1453 hrs (2:53pm):

Please note the following revised port cut-offs:

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