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Revised Newark Port Cut-Off: Maersk Memphis (Voyage 1411)

Due to the new vessel berth proforma, the following changes have been made to the port cut-offs for the Maersk Memphis (voyage 1411):

Port Earliest Receipt Date Port Cut-Off
Charleston THU, September 11 WED, September 17
Savannah FRI, September 12 THU, September 18
Norfolk MON, September 15 FRI, September 19
Newark MON, September 15 FRI, September 19


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Middle East Container Line Delay

Maersk Memphis (MECL1) has been delayed at sea in order to make engine repairs.  The delay time is yet to be determined. Read More...

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Maersk Columbus Newark Port Cut-Off Change

Due to a berth conflict, the Maersk Columbus (voyage 1409) will now call Newark on August 2.  As such, port cut-off has been changed to August 1. Read More...

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Maersk Denver Delay and Vessel Swap with Maersk Detroit

  • The Maersk Denver (voyage 1409) has been severely delayed due to engine damage and delay of necessary parts for repair
  • The Maersk Denver will swap places in the MECL service rotation with the Maersk Detroit (voyage 1409)
  • Since the Maersk Detroit will be behind the standard proforma once in the Maersk Denver’s position, the second outbound call in Newark will be omitted and exports will be loaded on the first inbound call
  • All exports booked to the Maersk Denver are being “advanced” to the Maersk Detroit; all exports booked to the Maersk Detroit are being “replanned” to the Maersk Denver
  • The ERD (Earliest Receipt Date) for the Maersk Detroit in Newark is currently July 2, but this is subject to change to allow for longer receiving and will be communicated separately if that occurs
Maersk Detroit Maersk Denver
Port ERD Cut-Off Port ERD Cut-Off
Newark July 2 July 8 Charleston July 7 July 11
Charleston July 7 July 11 Savannah July 7 July 11
Savannah July 7 July 11 Norfolk July 9 July 15
Norfolk July 8 July 14 Newark July 11 July 17


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Maersk Denver (Voyage 1409) Port Cut-Off Change: Charleston and Savannah

Charleston and Savannah will be closed for the July 4th holiday.  As such, cut-offs are being advanced one (1) business day.

Please note, Earliest Receipt Date for refrigerated containers remains June 30.

Port New ERD Dry New ERD Reef Port Cut-Off
Charleston June 27 June 30 July 3 @ 1630 hrs (04:30pm)


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Middle East (MECL1) Service: Vessel Status

  • The Maersk Denver will need to perform urgent repairs after Algeciras cargo operations
  • The Maersk Pittsburgh is delayed into Algeciras by 24 hours due to EEE cranes delivery contingency; Suez transit is delayed by 24 hours, however schedule recovery is expected in Jebel Ali
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Maersk Denver (Voyage 1406/1407) Delay and Contingency

The Maersk Denver’s scheduled arrival into North America (NAM) is delayed due to engine repairs in Jawaharlal Nehru.  To assist in schedule recovery, the SECOND (outbound) Newark port call will be cancelled.  All export cargo currently booked to the Maersk Denver (voyage 1407) ex Newark will be planned for on the FIRST (inbound) Newark port call.  Please note these changes impact the cargo cut-offs at all NAM ports.  Revisions are per below:

Port Original Cut-Off New Earliest Receipt Date New Cut-Off
Newark May 15 May 2 May 9
Charleston May 9 May 6 May 12
Savannah May 9 May 7 May 13
Norfolk May 13 May 9 May 15


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Nhava Sheva Port – Power Shut Down

From May 1, 2014 at 0600 hrs (06:00am) through May 2, 2014 at 1800 hrs (06:00pm), there will be a power shut down at Nhava Sheva, in order to carry out the installation of electrical overhead conductors on the new towers installed.  Therefore, there will not be electrical power distribution in all three terminals at JHT.

Below is the update on our services that will get affected:

MECL Service:

  • We will be berthing the MECL vessel (i.e. Maersk Memphis 1406) on April 30 with an ETD of May 1 at 0500 hrs (05:00am)
  • Vessel will call Nhava Sheva first and then sail to Pipavav
  • The revised cut-offs will be as per below:
  • SI cut-off for CTPAT and ENS:  Saturday, March 26 at 2000 hrs (08:00pm)
  • Shipping bill cut-off:  Saturday, March 29 at 1800 hrs (06:00pm)
  • Gate closure:  Saturday, March 29 at 2300 hrs (11:00pm)


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Maersk Denver (MECL1 Service) Delay

Update 03 – March 13, 2014 / 1606 hrs (04:06pm):

  • Maersk Denver is delayed 30 hours arriving Newark due to bad weather en route
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Vessel Updates

  • Maersk Missouri (transatlantic service) is currently 5.5 days late, due to vessel collision repairs in Bremerhaven, and a further delay is due to weather en route to Newark along with berth congestion in Savannah
  • Maersk Atlanta (Middle Eastern service) will be 1.5 days delayed due to a late departure from Algeciras and weather in the Atlantic, combined with berth congestion in Charleston and Savannah
  • Victoria Bridge (transpacific service) is held up in Oakland due to a hazardous spill and clean-up that occurred last week; current ETD is today, Wednesday, at noon PST; vessel will still call Dutch Harbor but will omit the first Busan call for schedule recovery
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