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Port Situation: MECL Maersk Detroit will omit Port Said call

A serious incident occurred at the terminal in Port Said, Egypt when the vessel Cosco Hope hit port crane QC17 during maneuvering. As a result, the crane collapsed and resulting in suspension of operations impacting the below vessels:

– Maersk Detroit – will omit the Port Said call
– Cap Harvey – revised connection time unknown
– Egy Glory – revised connection time unkown
– Extraloader HS Discoverer – diverted to Damietta

Port Said operations are returning to normal as of Thursday. Read More...

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Middle East/Mediterranean Service – Now Calling Port Said

Middle East/Mediterranean service will now be calling Port Said, Egypt every week, beginning Oct 19 with the Maersk Kinloss (voyage 1511). Read More...

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Vessel Change Advisory

  • Please note that the US Flag feeder Maersk Arkansas, currently covering the Mediterranean ports of Port Said, Iskenderun and Mersin, will be reflagged upon arrival at Port Said on July 16, 2014
  • As a result, Maersk Line, Limited will move the Maersk California, which is currently covering ports in the Persian Gulf, to the Mediterranean as the new US Flag Anatolia feeder
  • As the Maersk California moves to the Mediterranean, ports in the Persian Gulf will be covered by the US Flag Marstan, which is operated through a vessel sharing agreement established with APL
  • The Marstan came into service on June 15, 2014, from Jebel Ali
  • Maersk will continue to provide Priority One (P1) US Flag service for both the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf ports, and there should be no disruption in to the current on time service delivery we are providing the US Government today
  • We are working to have these changes reflected in the IBS system as soon as possible
  • As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Port Said Disruptions

Update 03– June 9, 2014 / 1551 hrs (03:51pm):

  • The Maersk Danang (Voyage 1406) will omit Port Said and call Piraeus
  • Port Said exports will be delayed one week and load the next MECL2 westbound sailing (Maersk Damietta voyage 1410)
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Maersk Drummond (MECL2 Service) Delay

Update 03 – February 21, 2014 / 1411 hrs (02:11pm):

  • The Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1403) is severely delayed due to berth congestion in Port Said, bad weather crossing the Atlantic, Newark port closure due to winter storm, and Houston port closure due to fog
  • Vessel will omit Miami to assist wiht schedule recovery
  • Import cargo will remain onboard and discharge in Algeciras, to connect to the Maersk Wisconsin (Voyage 1404) for Miami delivery
  • New ETA in Miami is March 29 (32 days delayed)
  • Export cargo will rolol to the next vessel – the Maersk Idaho (Voyage 1403) – which is a delay of 7 days
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Maersk Utah (MECL2 Service) to Omit Port Said

  • Due to Port Said berth congestion, Maersk Utah (Voayge 1403) will not take berth on arrival and her berthing window is still uncertain
  • In order to protect rotation moving forward, it has been decided to omit Port Said and induce Malta for discharge purposes only
  • Discharge units planned for Port Said currently onboard will be discharged at Malta
  • Part of this cargo will be connected from there to final destination and remaining cargo will be repatriated to Port Said
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Djibouti Port Omission: Maersk Drummond (Voyage 1401)

Due to bad weather in the Mediterranean ports together with the impacts of Christmas closures, we cannot get a berth at Port Said until January 1, which means the vessel will cross Suez two days late.  Unfortunately, this means we will have to bypass Djibouti.

Our contingency plan is to discharge all Djibouti cargo on board at Port Said and connect to next vessel, the Maersk Dhahran (Voyage 1401).  Djibouti cargo planned to be loaded from Port Said will be rolled one week onto the Maersk Dhahran (Voyage 1401). Read More...

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New Feeder Service – Anatolia Feeder

  • Effective December 2013 the U.S. flag Maersk Arkansas will be moved to the Mediterranean
  • First departure from Port Said is anticipated to take place on December 27, 2013
  • The service will provide a weekly rotation between Port Said, Egypt and Iskenderun, Turkey
  • Direct connection to the MECL2 service in Port Said will provide a near fortnightly U.S. flag service from the U.S. East and U.S. Gulf Coasts to/from Iskenderun
Port Said, Egypt WED THU
Mersin, Turkey FRI SAT 1
Iskenderun, Turkey SUN MON 3
Port Said, Egypt WED THU 6
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Update on Situation in Egypt

Update 03 – September 04, 2013 / 0909 hrs (09:09am):

Al Salam bridge, which is one of Port Said east terminal (SCCT)’s main gateways, was closed due to security concerns as of July 17.  About 70-80% of trucks calling SCCT use the bridge.  Unfortunately, authorities are not providing clear feedback on when it will reopen.  The alternative which customers are now using is to cross the canal in ferries, which have been congested as a result of bridge closure, resulting in trucking delay to/from the terminal. Read More...

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Port Said City, Egypt Disruptions

Update 10 – March 14, 2013 / 0937 hrs (09:37am):

  • The terminal in Port Said, SCCT/EGPSD has resumed operations and normal shift pattern/rotation has been reestablished this morning
  • Priority now is to promote stability in the Maersk Line network soonest possible
  • Subsequently, priority has been on maintaining a full eastbound cycle to the extent possible, supporting the current eastbound flows being seen in the network
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