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CN Mainline Delays and Vancouver Protest

Update 02 – October 22, 2013 / 1417 hrs (02:17pm):

CN Mainline Delays:

  • CN stated they were able to add additional railcars Westbound with most getting through the impacted area prior to the derailment
  • They have ample car supply for today with trains loaded and staged along the network waiting for the track to open
  • They are confident the line will be open this evening
  • Inland operations are working on alternatives to ensure cargo continues to move and limit future congestion as a result of the backlog
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Update on Situation in Egypt

Update 03 – September 04, 2013 / 0909 hrs (09:09am):

Al Salam bridge, which is one of Port Said east terminal (SCCT)’s main gateways, was closed due to security concerns as of July 17.  About 70-80% of trucks calling SCCT use the bridge.  Unfortunately, authorities are not providing clear feedback on when it will reopen.  The alternative which customers are now using is to cross the canal in ferries, which have been congested as a result of bridge closure, resulting in trucking delay to/from the terminal. Read More...

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