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Savannah, Georgia Port Damaged By High Winds


The Georgia Ports Authority sustained damage as a result of high winds.  The initial assessment shows 3 cranes damaged and blown off their tracks between berths 2 & 3.  At present there are 4 working cranes in the downriver position from the damaged cranes, and 13 cranes in the up river position from the damaged cranes.  This will limit the number of cranes that are available to each vessel.  We will revert as further assessments come in from the GPA and they formulate their recover plan. Read More...

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Maersk Columbus Delayed – Port Cut-off Changes

The Maersk Columbus (MECL1) is 3 days delayed due to weather en route to North America. Receiving windows for Charleston, Savannah, Norfolk and Newark have been adjusted accordingly. Read More...

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Maersk Ohio Savannah Port Cut Change

Please be advised the TA2 vessel is delayed into Savannah and the cutoff has been extended.

Savannah – 1/26 at 1630
Charleston – 1/26 at 1630
Norfolk – 1/28 at 1630
Newark – 1/30 at 1630

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Maersk Denver Port Cut-Off Changes

Maersk Denver (MECL1) was delayed in Newark due to required engine repairs.  Below is a listing of revised cutoffs for Charleston and Savannah; cutoffs for Norfolk and Newark are not affected.

Charleston – changing from 1/14 to 1/15

Savannah – changing from 1/15 to 1/16

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Maersk Memphis Port Cut-Off Changes

Maersk Memphis (MECL1) was delayed arrival to Algeciras due to inclement weather.  Below is a listing of the revised cutoffs for Charleston, Savannah, Norfolk and Newark.
Charleston- ERD 1/19 – cut 1/23
Savannah- ERD 1/19 – cut 1/23
Norfolk- ERD 1/20 – cut 1/26
Newark- ERD 1/21 – cut 1/27

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Maersk Iowa Will Omit Newark Port Call

Please be advised due to berth congestion and fog in Savannah/Charleston/Houston, Maersk Iowa (TA2) is now 4 days delayed into Mobile.  It has been decided to omit Newark outbound in order to make up her schedule to arrive in Felixstowe on schedule. Read More...

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Port Cut Off Change – Maersk Denver

Maersk Denver, MECL1  is delayed en route to North America due to bad weather.  Cut offs have been changed to:

Charleston – Port cut 11/13

Savannah – Port cut 11/14

Norfolk – No change

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Transatlantic 2 Service Change

The schedule for our TA2 service between the US to North Europe will be changing.  These changes are limited to the arrival and departure dates for select ports and will not affect any transit times. Arrival and departures will be advanced by one day compared to the current schedule and as a result cargo acceptance and cut off dates will also be advanced by one day, these changes are outlined in the table below:


Arrival Departure

Cargo Cut Off

Savannah Fri 0800 Fri 1700 Thursday 1630
Houston Tue 0800 Tue 2359 Monday 1630
Mobile Fri 0800 Fri 1500 Thursday 1630
Charleston Tue 0800 Tue 1800 Monday 1630
Norfolk Thu 0800 Thu 2300 Wednesday 1630
Newark Sat 0800 Sat 1700 Friday 1630

Kindly note that current arrival and departure times on the Westbound voyage into Newark, Norfolk and Charleston remain unchanged. Read More...

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Revised Newark Port Cut-Off: Maersk Memphis (Voyage 1411)

Due to the new vessel berth proforma, the following changes have been made to the port cut-offs for the Maersk Memphis (voyage 1411):

Port Earliest Receipt Date Port Cut-Off
Charleston THU, September 11 WED, September 17
Savannah FRI, September 12 THU, September 18
Norfolk MON, September 15 FRI, September 19
Newark MON, September 15 FRI, September 19


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Maersk Wisconsin Delay

The Maersk Wisconsin (voyage 1409) is delayed into NAM (North America) due to necessary engine repairs in Jeddah.  As such, receiving windows have been adjusted per the below:

Load Port New ERD New Cut-Off
Newark July 30 Aug 5
Savannah Aug 4 Aug 8
Houston Aug 6 Aug 11


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