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UPDATE: Required Vehicle Shipment Information – All Regions

This advisory is to reiterate that the following pieces of information are mandatory requirements for all vehicles imported into all regions. Please ensure the following information is included for all vehicle shipments:

  • Name of the vehicle (including make and model)
  • Owner name, if POV
  • VIN number

If Maersk is performing the stuffing of these vehicles, the VIN should (at minimum) be obtained from the facility at the time of stuffing. This will allow for inclusion in the booking for eventual replication on the bill of lading.

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Vessel Delay: Maersk Atlanta (Voyage 1403)

Update 03 – January 13, 2014 / 1102 hrs (11:02am):

  • Vessel previously delayed due to bad weather in Atlantic
  • Further delayed due to bad weather in Newark that shut down the port for 24 hours
  • Additional further delay of vessel in Newark eastbound due to necessary vessel repairs
  • Arrival into Newark expected to be 4 days behind schedule
  • Arrival into Algeciras expected to be 48 hours behind schedule
  • Recovery plans are under review and will be announced as soon as possible
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