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Customer Advisory: VGM Submission in the United States

Dear Valued Client,

As a follow up to our communication last week, we’d like to provide you more information specific to the preparation and procedures when submitting a VGM to Maersk Line, Limited in the United States. As already announced, effective July 1st, 2016, every packed export container is required to have a VGM as a condition of loading aboard a vessel. Thus, all containers loading on/after the July 1st implementation date are subject to this change.

VGM for Cargo Accepted via Terminal Gate
Shippers currently exporting from marine terminals in the United States can provide a VGM to Maersk Line, Limited. Read More...

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Customer Advisory: VGM Submission for On-Dock Rail in the US

Dear Valued Client,

With several U.S. marine terminals receiving containers via on-dock rail facilities, some currently do not have scales suitable for weighing such containers to arrive at a VGM. Thus, in light of the equivalency determination made by the U.S. Coast Guard, for containers arriving by on-dock rail, Maersk Line, Limited will accept the actual gross cargo weights (weight of the cargo, packaging materials, pallets, and dunnage) as certified by the shipper or its agents pursuant to the Intermodal Safe Container Transportation Act (ISCTA). Read More...

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ADVISORY: SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass Initiative

Please see the below information regarding the SOLAS weight initiative which is currently schedule to begin on Friday, July 1, 2016:


The SOLAS weight initiative is an industry sponsored enterprise focused on ensuring safety. Certified weights eliminate the accidents caused by mis-declared container weight as well as provide assurance to different parties in the supply chain. Ultimately, this improves safety of the workforce, vessels, terminals, and equipment.


The SOLAS weight initiative is currently scheduled to begin on Friday, July 1, 2016. Read More...

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New SOLAS Regulations Begin July 1, 2016

Snip 1

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